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 clean windows and doors


Even under normal conditions the moving mechanical parts or doors and windows may require some lubrication. Although it depends on usage, a light application annually will benefit the free movement of plates, locks and hinges. This will keep your doors and windows operating freely. All of Vaspa’s installations come with manufacturer’s guarantees and full care advice.

Cleaning uPVC

Please be very careful of using cleaners on uPVC framework as they can have an adverse effect on the surface finish. Vaspa, in London, recommend using a solution of diluted washing up liquid and water for everyday cleaning and window maintenace. If this doesn’t work then you can get a specially formulated cleaner for uPVC which is non-abrasive, use sparingly in circular buffing motion to renew the look of Upvc. Take extra caution with wood grain frames as these are more sensitive to cleaners so only use manufacturer’s recommendations.

Read our window maintenance instructions

Friction stay adjustment

This hinge will stop your windows self-closing and make it easier to open. Over time the pad may wear down making the opener too loose in operation. If this happens take a small bladed screwdriver and turn the screw by half a turn clockwise. The adjustment should be made equally to each pair of hinges. If this adjustment is insufficient then carry on turning the screw in half turn increments until the desired amount of friction is achieved. If the opener is very stiff in operation, turn the screw by a quarter turn increments anticlockwise until desired result is achieved.
NB: If you have difficulty in making the above adjustment, please contact your supplier for guidance.

Smart System Guide to Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Read Smart’s official guide.